Over a thousand ejuices I was loaned this week

Update: I used this cool ejuice displays to organize them. I also reviewed most of them. I need to edit the videos but here is the first one. 

I helped a buddy move yesterday and was loaned about 1,000 ejuices. That box is deep. I will post a better pic after I organize them more. I agreed to help my buddy organize them as long as I can try the ones that I heard hype about. A dream come true. Just wish more of the atties I got work. Digital Ciggz you really really screwed me overLuckily I have a ultra sonic cleaner. I am also got a rba but I am not sure it is the best for trying different juices. Wish my microphone on my ipad worked so I could do a dozen quick reviews :( But it doesn't. So each day I will try to do a couple of quick reviews with silent video of the vapor like I did recently. I will also try to update the list of the over 100 juices I have reviewed. This is going to be an exciting week for me and ejuices.
Any suggestion for quickly cleaning atties would be appreciated. This is an amazing opportunity it is like going to a dozen brick and mortar stores where they all have different juices and not dealing with the trafic, not informed workers, and provari people. I am in heaven :)