Terrible ecig ejuice Malty Backwoods Brew

24mg This juice is supposed to be the cheap version of ecopure regular but it does not have the crispness and the taste is a bit off. It is nothing like the ecopure regularI am adding it to the list of tobacco ejuices that did not work for me. I was suffering through doing a graph but basically this juice is only semi good on ultra high wattage. 

I gave this juice almost 2 years it never fully matured. Of the BWB juices I have reviewed I only really like Cappuccino after it steeped for over a year. I don't think they are a vendor for me. Here is a list of the other BWB juices I have reviewed.

Cappuccino, Cafe Mocha555, Cherry TobaccoHoney FlueMelonbacko, and Menthol Tobacco Medium