The amazing Caramel Kettle Corn from Virgin Vapor revisited

Virgin Vapor is having a World Vaping Day Sale. 
Virgin Vapor is discontinuing this juice you can get it for 25 percent off.
18mg 100VG
Over a year and a half ago I reviewed this great ejuice I have gotten it a couple of times. I am now vaping it at around 8v with a 2.2ohm atty which is around 29 watts. So here is the chart I did.

The review I did not complete because I don't think I knew how to fill an atty for high wattage like I do now. I just left part of it blank. I am going to give you the values for around 8v.  My vw mod is in the shop other wise I would redo 10.5 watts but i am sure that the 4.2w, 6.5w and the 10.5w are correct.

I reconsidered my previous conclusion. Caramel Kettle Corn is amazing. I give the Vapor production a 9.5 the juiciness a 3 the flavor fusion a 10 the enjoyment a 9 and the throat hit a 9 and the sweetness a 7.
Check out the vapor this juice does at 8v around 29w. The unit I am using is the GLV 2XL
The atty are one of the few joye sr resistance that work from Digital Ciggz (don't buy anything from those shysters like I made the mistake of doing.)

    I got this juice a couple of times with different orders from Virgin Vapor. I highly recommend it. They discontinued their ecopure line because ecopure stopped making the product. I got some before they made the change. I am going to get a big bottle next time I order and I hope the results are the same. I think ecopure just adds a bit to the texture and flavor but not sure. Anyways I am going to add this juice to my current favorites list. You can get this juice here.