Fear Mongers Ban Ecigs in Orange County City

There is scientific fact that ecigs are not bad for you. But the fear mongers are at it again from the examiner HT chief999
E-cigarettes health concerns got the popular product banned in one California town. The city of Seal Rock, Calif., in tonyOrange County, has issued a temporary halt on new businesses selling e-cigarettes. According to FOX 2 News St. Louis on August 28, 2013, the city council agreed to a 45-day moratorium.
'It’s a new type of development the city had no laws on the books concerning this type of use so therefore they wanted some time to study it.' said city attorney Quinn Barrow.
E-cigarettes health questions as to their safety continue to be raised. Seal Beach is the first city to ban them, but the ban will not affect stores that are currently selling the product. Proponents of e-cigs feel that inhaling vapor is not as toxic as regular cigarettes. State and federal health officials are not so sure. Additionally, they are concerned about unregulated online sales to minors. The FDA is looking at banning online sales altogether.
E-cigarettes health as far as sales are considered could not be any better. It is projected that sales will reach $1.7 billion by year-end. Although dwarfed by traditional sales of cigarettes, which is currently an $80 billion business, some predict e-cigs to eclipse them within a decade.
The yahoo news idiot that is probably in the pocket of Big Tobbaco is spreading lies on twitter. If you are on twitter retweet this.