Flat Ribbon Wire RBA Masterpiece Rebuildable Atomizer

This is a coil that st0neh made. It is a work of art IMHO. I am getting some flat ribbon from ebay. I think Flat Ribbon is the future and the solution for rebuildable atomizers. I hear they are easier to work with as long as you know  .4 = 32, .6 = 30, .8 = 28 . I can't wait to show off the coils that I build. My reomizer is now easy for me to rebuild even with stacked batteries. NoThiefAllowed is a great teacher. My advice is watch the videos, go to your local vape shop, ask someone with experience, and just do it. They are easier then they where back in the day when I got the Iatty. I remember countless hours spent fiddling with the Iatty 1 and 2 to get no results.  I remember when I used a coil for 2 weeks on my Reomizer. I remember having no clue how to build coils. However, those are things in the past, building coils with modern RBA is easy it just takes practice. Now it takes me no time at all to build coils. I even built this amazing coil that I am enjoying right now during a black out today.