Innokin iTaste MVP VV Review

This review is posted by Harry Howe. To see the ecigs I use click here.
"Hello E Cig Juice Review readers,

Many of you will not know me, so I am going to start off with a little introduction before I begin the review.

My name is Harry, And I am from the United Kingdom, So many words may look wrong to those of you, Such as realise, colour and what not, I live on a little Island called Shetland. I started Vaping at the start of June, and in these short few months I have learnt so much. AaronY has invited me to write some reviews here as I can get products that he can't, and vice versa. So to all you fellow UK Vapers, I say welcome, And to those of you living elsewhere, I also say Welcome.
I received the Innokin iTaste MVP a few weeks ago from FastTech. Having made several small purchases there, and getting fed up of my Ego style battery, I had decided I would take the next big step into the Vaping world. I was going to get my first Variable Voltage device. I was unsure of what to get though, Should I get a Vision Spinner? Or an Ego Twist? The list went on. Then I spotted this device; And I can tell you now I made the right choice. Right out of the box it looked majestic (I went for the Silver version), It looked like it was made for me, It looked like something a Crime Lord would not be without, And It was mine. From the LCD Screen with Big Red text, to the way a Tank System sits on top of it, it looks good, and better yet, It works just like it should.

The Battery - Innokin didn't skimp on the battery, Clocking in at an impressive 2600 Mah! I can use it for around 2-3 days without recharging it, And I am quite a hefty Vaper. It made the 900 Mah Ego I was using cry and hide. This battery is a beast.

Looks - The iTaste MVP looks impressive. It is a box mod, so It is completely different to the Egos I used to use, which are, as we all know, cylindrical in shape. This thing is a real head turner. The Silver on it looks good, It has a Matt finish (Not a fingerprint magnet) and when you have a Tank ontop, Well, Let's just say I am not embarrassed to be seen with it.

Size - I expected the iTaste MVP to be quite big. It isn't. It is relatively small and underwhelming in size. When you see a picture of it you expect it to be the size of a cardboard box. Its just a bit bigger than a 30ml bottle by about an inch.

Ease of use - The iTaste MVP is relatively easy to, It has 3 buttons. One is power. One is Voltage up, and the other is Voltage Down. The Power button is flush to the body, and feels sturdy and like it isn't going to break after one or two uses, while the Voltage controls are raised, and still feel sturdy in their own right. One annoying thing however is that you can't change the voltage until the Puff Count has been displayed. Apart from this, it is an easy device to get your head around. It has a range of 3.3V to 5V, So not full range, However I find this range of voltage to be suitable. You can also charge your Mobile phone from the battery because of the USB output on the bottom of the device!

Durability - Not much to say really. It is built like a tank and could probably stop a bullet. It won't dint easily, and neither will it scratch easily.

Threading - The iTaste MVP is 510 threaded, But will also accommodate an Ego Cone style tank (CE4, T3, MT3, ect.) The threads look like they will not strip easily. You should have no problem with the threads.

Price - Innokin have imposed MRP (Minimum Retail Price) on all their products, and because of this you will not find it in a B&M for less than what Innokin have allowed the minimum price on it to be. However if you know about FastTech (Who sell legit products at under MRP, Other shops are available), Then you will know that their prices are unbelievable low. I paid £29.67 ($45.16) for my MVP kit, Which included the Charger, The Actual MVP It self, and Two iClear 16's. This has a retail price of around £70 in the UK.

Overall - Overall I would give the Innokin iTaste MVP a 7/10. It loses a few marks for not having an Ohm meter, Or interchangeable batteries, Not being VW and for its annoying Puff Counter. I would highly recommend the iTaste MVP to those of you looking to get into VV. It is simple, Easy to use, Stylish, and you don't look strange while using it! (Ok, Maybe you look strange, But for the price, Who cares?)

Once again I would like to thank AaronY for letting me post this review, and Happy Vaping!"