Joyetech eVic amazing Joye software and lots of case options

Update: I am now recommending the Sigelei 100w. Click here to see the first look.
Click here to see the eVic with the surge tank on it. 
The Joye eVic is not the most powerful or cheapest variable wattage or variable voltage mod; right now that is the Vamo. However the Joye eVic has a great software interface and lots of case options. The software is amazing but it is not perfect. I lost my data moving to the next version. I am aware that I can import it but would be nice if the information was just kept in each upgrade. It comes like it is pictured on the left. It comes with a micro usb to usb cord that works as a charger and to connect the computer. The software is both PC and Mac compatible. I would not be surprised to see an iOS and android version soon. You can see some screen shots of the software below. For cases Siam Mods make alot of evic holders for different batteries. The picture to the right is the 18650 battery stainless steel case with squares siam mods evic case. Other than siam there are tons of many other evic tube manufactures.
If you decide to get a Joye Evic please click this link. I get a small portion of the sale and it will help me keep bringing reviews my readers :)

I know there are a ton of choices in VV/VW ecig mods but if you deiced to go in this direction please use this link.