My first look at Esoilds for ecigs with a esoild atty

  I remember 3 years ago people where talking about esoilds and it sounded like the future. Well they are finally here with an atty that works for them. I don't think I know how to use them exactly right. Going to research it more before I do a full juice review. I get a nice flavor for the sec that the esolid in directly on the coil. However right after that the esoild melts and the the juice taste burned even at 2w and there is no flavor. It is strange the coil on the light bulb style atties is raised. But I am convinced there is a better way. But as of right now I believe this technology is fail. There is a pic of the the esoild atty on my GLV 2xl bellow the break.  The evic I the esoild atty is on has a siam mod cover that is in the video here.  You can buy the light bulb atty by clicking here. You can by esoilds by clicking here.