Vamo V3 VW variable wattage electric cigarette mod with a surge tank

UPDATE: I got the Vamo V5 now. I think it is a great up grade. You should look into it. 
You can get the Vamo V5 here for under $33 
Update: I am now recommending the Sigelei 100w. Click here to see the first look.

This is a surge tank on the Vamo V3. It is more powerful and cheaper then the Joye Evic but it does not have the cool software that comes with the evic.  The interface is easy to use because it uses 3 buttons. You can buy it here with batteries and a clearo for 50you can get it bare boned for 36 here, or with a nice charger and batteries for 54 bucks here.  It is a great mod that is light weight and I recommend to anyone that is getting into vw or vv.
Vamo V3 with a Surge in short mode with the business card as a reference in size   
Vamo V3 in long mode with the Surge Tank with a business card to compare the size.