Vapor Delight Ecigarette lounge in Santa Monica tons of ecigs ejuice and accessories part 2

Update: Read the update in Part 3 before you visit this store. 
This is part 2 for part 1 click here. Vapor Delight has a huge selection of ecigarettes and ejuice. The have a variety of electric cigarettes ranging from E-Cigs the size of cigarettes and cigars to Mechanical Advance Person Vaporizer, VV and VW APV and  Hybrid Ecig mods. Their ejuice bar is also well stocked. There are around a hundred ejuices. If you don't have a Ecig or APV for testing, they have a nice set up you can use. The employes are nice and informed. Even after trying over a dozen ejuices I felt no pressure to buy ejuices like I did at most of the other Vape Stores. But because I felt no pressure to buy something I was able to try many different flavors. Do to their amazing selection I ended up buying something, even though I have 3 times as much juice as my buddy loaned me. I am happy with the amazing flavor I found. It is in the cue for reviews. For part 3 click here.

They have a large selection of Ecig Assesories ranging from tanks to dripping RBA
They have a large selection of ecigs ranging from Cig size, Mechanical, VV, and Hybrids.