Vapor Delight West Los Angles Ecig Store and Lounge Part 3

Update: In the past year, I have visited this store many more times and I no longer recommend it. It has changed. I now recommend avoiding it.  I much prefer Fix Vapor which talks me almost twice to time to walk to. I will come back to this store make a final edit but for now I just crossed out the parts I no longer agree with. You can see what I originally wrote and what has changed.  It is like the blind leading the blind there. Let customers drip the samples themselves if they know how. Don't let the store employes touch your mods they will break them. Just watch out. Hopefully it will get better but even though Vapor Delight is on the way to Fix Vapor, the last dozen times I walked down to Fix Vapor I avoided Vapor Delight.  The last time I walked down there I was there for less than a minute. I will give them a month to evolve before I visit, again. Hopefully it will get better and I will update then.

This is part 3 in my pictorial/review of Vapor Delight in Santa Monica. For part 1 click here. For part 2 click here. Vapor Delight is the best Ecig store that I have been to. I have been to over a dozen Ecig Brick and Mortar stores and this store is the best and the ideal of other stores should be. It is rare for Ecig stores to have 18mg juice. Vapor Delight has 24mg. I vape 24mg usually so that is nice. The only thing missing is that their E-Juice bar chairs don't have back rests and their is a lack of board games. The chairs at the bar don't have
support for your back and there is no way to sit on the comfy sofas
while one tries their great menu of E-Juice. There is also no Backgammon or Chess sets accessible by the couches. The chess sets made waiting for a spot at the E-Juice bar at Vape Revolution enjoyable. They also brought a small selection of tests to us on the couch. Vapor Delight sadly does not have that; So apart from an E-Juice cocktail
waitress and board games Vapor Delight is perfect. Ever since I
started trying new E-Juices 4 years ago, My dreams is to have an E-Cig
lounge as cool as Vapor Delight. In my dream it was right on the ocean but Vapor Delight is a 5 minute walk from the beach. 
    Vapor Delight's prices are reasonable. The prices are higher than other online places but they are reasonable compared to other Brick and Mortar stores. I plan to meet up with people at this store instead of that Thia place down the street.  I have not done it yet but it is for sure E-Cig friendly, it is public, the people there are nice, and it is an interesting store. I will update you guys on how it goes. To see more pictures of the store you can check out their website (Their website does not do the store any justice IMHO) or check out part 1 and  part 2.  As you can see their is tons of space to relax. 
    I highly highly recommend this store. If you live in California make a
day trip and go. No matter where you live I would plan a vacation
around visiting this store. Plan ahead if money is tight because this
store is a must visit in your life time. There are some cheap and ritzy hotels in walking distance. The store is right of the 10 freeway Lincoln exist if you are driving or is is 20-40 min drive from LAX; Santa Monica is a great tourist town but Santa Monica is also know for crazy over regulation so don't procrastinate. Vapor Delight is walking distance from both the Promenade and the beach. They stock rare juice like the Castle Long Reserve and have a great selection of more common juice. Visit this cool store while you still can. 
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