Virgin Vapor ejuice Organic Espresso Oak Aged Barrel tasting vape

24mg 100 VG
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This ejuice is amazing and unique. It has oak barrel aged flavor similar to what I tasted with 5 Pawns Castle Long Reserve, which is really oak barrel aged. It is aged for 6 months before you can get it which cuts down on the steep time that you have to wait for other coffee ejuice. It has the same base flavor as Kona Coffee Milkshake. Virgin Vapor Expresso performs around the same as their Kona Coffee Milkshake. The juice is a bit dryer but has slightly better performance in vapor production. The slight increase in vapor production might be due to the fact that that it is a 100 VG juice. Despite it being a 100 VG juice the flavor is in your face and it still has a nice throat hit where I can vape all day with out hurting my throat.

 For a key in where I explain vapor production click here. I used 10 alot in this graph because it was perfect at the first 10. The number increases to a higher amount often but it messes up the graph but 10 is perfect. I hope this graph makes sense.
    I highly recommend this ejuice. It is one of the best of the coffee ejuices that I have vaped. However, you can't get this ejuice any more. The double expresso has a slightly different recipe they now sale.  I am going to get it in my next Virgin Vapor order. Hopefully the unique high performance oak barrel aged tasting vape will still be there. I will update you guys on if it is the same great ejuice or not. But until them I will not put this juice on my current favorite list even though it preformed at different wattages really well.

Click the virgin vapor link here if you want to enjoy some amazing juice and allow me to enjoy the financial freedom to be able to do more reviews with no cost to you.  Most nice brick and mortars or people that have been vaping for a while have some Virgin Vapor. Try through other sources if you want to try before you buy. Once I tried it I was hooked. It is the best ejuice you can get for most things. I highly recommend their juices that are on my current favorite list:  Kona Coffee Milkshake, Carmel Kettle CornSweet Summer Lemonade,  Creme CreamPomegranate, and Naked Vanilla. I hope you are as happy with Virgin Vapors as me but watch out for any of their ejuices that have spearmint in them because spearmint taste like Toms of Main tooth paste to me.