Anyone use the Helios Clone RBA from Fasttech?

It is here for a little over 7 bucks. It is cheaper than the tax on the real Helio RBA. It says it is the new version. The difference between the two Fast Tech seems to me seems to be the connectors the new one has screws. Anyways was figuring if anyone has any experience with it. I recently had great success with the Trident clone from Fast Tech.
UPDATE: I ordered one and it was terrible. I sent it back and got my money back. BTW I was told that no version has philips heads screws. Which was wrong because the newer versions have philips head screws.

Curious if it like their Trident or like their clone of the Nimbus?
Update: It is like there clone of the nimbus. Luckily, I took a screen shot because the image of it with a screw driver is gone.