China Trident clone a RBA (aka Rebuildable Atomiser) for All Ecig users

Update: It is around $12 now. You can get the v2 which I also have an recommend for 12.99 here
I have been using the trident clone for over a month. I don't like the fact they copied the logo... come on, make something similar and better for cheaper-  but don't steal intellectual property. However, it is a great device for a great price - $16.35 shipped. I have used both the clone as well as the original. I vaped and made coils for them both. I actually prefer the clone to the original, I think the O-rings are better. That might change with time, but I think my use of the clone trident made so far has passed the 16 buck cost. The Trident and the trident clone both get really hot when you chain vape them. I think the 16 buck version is made of the same quality of materials, but some people dispute this. From my experience, I see and feel no difference.  The clone comes with a stainless steel driptip. The drip tip looks good with it, but the O-ring is not perfect on it. But it is just an accessory, you can use any 510 drip tip. I recommend getting the clone, especially for under 17 bucks. I think you would be happy with it. Has anyone tried the Helios clone?

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the different pieces it comes with. It is on this sentinal mod.  
What the coil looks like on it. It has 3 pins 

The devices with out top cap