Cold Mint Chocolate Vape Wolverine Ejuice by Majestic Vapors

I previously reviewed Honey Viper by Majestic Vapors  and it is one of my favorite ejuices I have tried.
Wolverine is different from other ejuices and has an interesting flavor. Smooth cooling mint slushy and chocolate flavor combine in a delightful fusion of flavor. It has a decadent chocolate and soothing cooling like mint flavor. It tastes like a cold mint chocolate slushy made with top self ingredients. At lower wattages the flavor of chocolate is more present. It is an enjoyable chocolate like Halo's. Most vendors get chocolate really off :( Their chocolates taste like chocolate syrup gone wrong this one is the exception and the chocolate is enjoyable. There is a nice chocolate chip flavor that fuses with the mint. This juice is moist not dry. The ratio is mixed and a trade secrete because all the local stores are trying to copy the flavors exactly from Majestic in an attempt to get some of their business. Wolverine preforms clouds of vapor like a 100 VG juice and has the intense throat hit of 100 PG juices. The flavor is in your face at the low wattages but if you are a high wattage vapor ask for a flavor shot. It is free and I am told it makes the flavor just as in your face as it is at the lower wattages.

I recommend trying this juice if you like cool mint fuzed with chocolate. A buddy tried it and usually can't stand menthol ejuices but enjoyed it because it seems like this juice is made with koolada instead menthol crystals. It is not one of my favorite juices ever like Majestic Vapor's Honey Viper but it is one of the best chocolate mint combos I have tried. It preforms almost as good as GoodeJuices Apple Mint Sisha and has a way more enjoyable flavor to me and others that have tried both.  It is not going on my current favorites till I can try some 2x or 3x but it is one of the rare cases that chocolate ejuice is good like Halo's Belgian Chocolate. I recommend trying this ejuice even if menthol is not your thing because you may be surprised. This ejuice is a must try because it is different and enjoyable. You can buy this ejuice here.