Electric cigarette mechanical mod for dirt cheap my sentinel clone

Update: You can see the color better from the outside pictures.
Floydfan's reviewed it here. To see about the rba atty I have on it click here. When I first receive the sentinel clone, it had machine oil on it from Fast Tech, so I sonic cleaned it for 3 hours. Sonic cleaning it took away most of the shine of the copper. I think it looks interesting. I have been using it for almost a month. Other than the bottom button getting loose after use, it works amazingly. It is easy to retighten the button but I have to do it multiple times a day.  For 18 bucks it is worth it. I still like my top button and side button mods way better. I don't think the bottom button mods are for me.

Even though it is a clone and just 18 bucks  it has a serial number on it.
The crud around the button wipes away. Sorry for not cleaning it better before taking pics.
I cleaned it better before taking these pics of it outside.  

It also has the logo and flag on it which is not cool,
especially since it is not in that country it is made in china.