Honey Viper by Majestic Vapors Amazing Honey over a Fruit Salad

Honey Viper 24 MG
This ejuice tastes like a pineapple fruit salad with honey drizzled over it. It has a unique fusion of flavor that is different than any of the thousands of flavors I have tried. It does not have a candied flavor that plagues most ejuice, instead the fruit flavors tastes like fresh fruit. The honey flavor adds a sweet complexity to the ejuice. The pineapple is the most prevalent flavor. It fuses with the honeydew and cantaloupe flavor. There is a hint of other fruits that resemble grapes. There is a hint of honey that adds to the fusion of flavors but does not make the juice candied. The juice has a in your face flavor. Honey Viper is moist at all wattages and in every wattage it has an incredible throat hit.

To understand wattage and how I rate my ejuice click here.  As you can see from the chart above this ejuice is amazing at low wattage you can get from a starter ecig and it is even better at a high end mechanical mod to me

I highly recommend this ejuice to everyone. Especially, if you want an authentic tasting Fruit Salad ejuice with a some honey. I have been enjoying this ejuice for a week. If I think it is just as amazing by the end of the month I will gladly add it to my favorite ejuices of the moment list as long as it ages how I expect. You can get this ejuice at Majestic Vapors. I am really impressed with this vendor. So far what I experienced it amazing fusion of flavors that are unique. I really enjoy there mixtures. I recommend trying this ejuice. I feel you will be really happy with this great ejuice.