Vertigo Woody Coffee By CCV Crystal Canyon Vapes

15mg 50 pg 50 vg
I have tried many coffee ejuices. This one stands out because it has an intense woody tone that is stronger than other ejuices I have tried. The woody tone is even stronger than virgin vapors expresso. It is a different wood then the oak barrel aged flavor that 5 pawns produces. It is more in your face woody aspect than something that is aged in a wooden barrel. Vertigo is not moist but is not dry. The flavor is in your face strong.

To get the vapor production key and how I rate ejuice click here. Vertigo really shines at high wattages but it is great at all wattages.
  I recommend trying Vertigo if you want an in your face wood like coffee vape. The coffee flavor is not as complex as other coffees but I find the woody aspect in it is 2nd to none. I highly recommend this ejuice if you like woody vapes.