Ecig Convention in Southern Cali Vaptoberfest

Vapetoberfest was interesting. There were a couple of thousand of vapers in a medium size room, with no ventilation. It was like walking around in a stale vapor cloud for 2 days. The vendors were interesting. Virgin Vapor is having a 20% off sale this week. I got a couple of samples I am going to review when I get better. Here are some pics. I liked ECC way better, I am not sure why no ventilation and why the main room was so small. I need to get a oxygen tank next time. The lack of fresh air for two days brought back a cold that I thought was over. Luckily I am going to the doc tomorrow.
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line to get in. It was ECC all over again :P

It was mostly this packed most hours. The logo was cool IMHO

Almost closing time can see the size of the room