Spearmint Kiss Ejuice by Virgin Vapor Toms of Maine flavor

I really really like Virgin Vapor's ejuice as a whole. They I have six of them on my current ejuice favorite list. I am also their affiliate, because I believe in them and I think everyone should try them. However, I do not like their Spearmint. It tastes like how my Tom's of Maine tooth paste tastes, even with steeping. You might be a fan of ejuice tasting like toothpaste, but I am not. I did not like their Mint Julep for that reason. I was unable to complete the graph for this review because after a couple of minutes I could not stand the flavor personally. I would check out Virgin Vapors Kona Coffee MilkshakeVirgin Vapors Carmel Kettle CornVirgin Vapors Sweet Summer Lemonade, Virgin Vapors Creme Cream, Virgin Vapor Pomegranate, or Virgin Vapor Naked Vanilla instead. But if you want the Toms of Maine flavor then look no farther.