The ultimate RBA from UVO Systems, Aqua by Footoon, ECIG rebuildable atomizer of the future

Update: It has been cloned. It is also for sale at Fast Tech. You can get the clone for $35 if you click here
My Russian 91 (the Kayfun Lite clone that is better then the Kayfun Lite because it has adjustable air flow of the full sized Kayfun) is coming tomorrow. It looks like this might be the next RBA I get. It is the Aqua by Footoon. The same manufacture that makes the Origen RBA are coming out with this.  This RBA looks amazing. I don't know much about it, other than it has 4 juice channels and the air holes are perfectly positioned for duel and quad coils.



The information and pictures where obtained through this thread.

Update: It has been cloned and the clone is only $35 from C2C vaping.
You can get it from Fast Tech for under $27 dollars