Vita Bella an amazing NET ejuice Revisted from GoodeJuice

I posted this review over a year ago here. 
18 MG 50 PG 50 VG
   Vita Bella is a NET. NET stands for Naturally Extracted Tobacco. The flavor is extracted from tobacco leaves not made in a lab. It is harder on atties and cartos than artificial flavors. I think Goodie Juices NETs are easier on the equipment then other NETs like Want2Vape's London. I think NETs create a greater flavor than non NETs.
   It is hard to describe a tobacco vape other than it works for me or doesn't. Goodie Juice Wrangler Red, TVR Toasted Tobacco (it turned too nutty), Sin City Menthol (for non NET tobaccos I recommend Goode Juice's Apple Ehookah Shisha or Halo's Tukish Tobacco) work for me.  To see the tons of tobacco ejuice did not workclick here. To view the view other Tobaco Ejuices I have reviewed click here. 

   Anyway, back to Vita Bella from Goode Juice; this juice is amazing. The flavor is in your face strong and not subtle. For a tobacco vape it is more on the moist side it is not dry. It tastes like the Sherman Ovals I used to smoke. It has a yummy toasted taste that fuses with the other flavors and is out of this world. There is a hint of caramel that adds to the fusion of flavors but not too much where it over powers and is too sweet. It is great as an all day vape, or can be a great after-meal vape. When I first got it, I devoted one surge tank to it, and I liked it so much that I didn't need to charge the batteries for my Reo for days, when I usually go through two pair in a day(the surge tank is a bottom feeding tank that doesn't make sense on a bottom feeder like the Reo).  This is what they say over at goodejuice to describe it,
Vita Bella is a Tobacco flavored treat that will whisk you away to another place. Made from Natural Tobacco, it's unique taste is slightly sweet with a full, rich Tobacco flavor that is exclusive to Goodejuice. If you only had to pick one flavor for the rest of your life, consider Vita Bella. It was designed to be so.
I agree with the description. I really enjoy this ejuice. It is the best tobacco ejuice that I have tried so far and I have tried a lot. Check out the over 100 juices I have reviewed.  For me, this juice is above 10 out of 10 in enjoyment at higher wattages.

To find your wattage use the OHMS law or the link I provided in the "how I rate my ejuice". The numbers signify vapor production. They correspond to the vapor production key here. To see what I find juicy, click here. (I used the old chart where it is sweetness not the correct sweetness) 3.5 for this juice on the old cart means 10 in the new chart. 4 translates to 9.5 for the new chart for this juice. And so on sorry for the confusion.

Vita Bella from Goode Juice creates smooth clouds of vapor that have flavor that fuse together in an amazing fashion. I think Vita Bella from Goode Juice creates a taste better than analogs. I think steeping for longer than a week makes the flavor better but just by a tad. I have been vaping it right out of the envelope but you might want to wait a week. I highly recommend trying Vita Bella from Goode JuiceThis juice is one of my favoritesI am definitely going to add it to my favorite juices list. The only fault I have with it is that they don't sell bottles over 30 ml :P

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