An Affordable Ecigarette Hobbit style Epipe authentic SmokeTech Vaping Pipe

My buddy Archivator has an amazing looking e-pipe for a shocking low
price. Macstrat, another ultra nice person from the ECF e-cig chat, allowed me to post pics of his e-pipe here and at my G+ group.

   I am going to be using US vendors for everything I recommend. You can find China sources, but if you chose authentic SmokeTech you might end up paying more. GoodEjuice had it for way cheaper than FastTech.
    You will get ecig bought in the states way faster than the cheaper 41 dollar Archivator e-pipe. Instead of paying under 22 dollars for the non authentic SmokeTech pipe, macstrat paid more. You can get the authentic SmokeTech for 30 dollars here. The chrome rubbed off after months of use. The bands around the pipe are hairbands which can be bought for extra cheap at most stores, so I will not include them in the price. The extension tube is a 5-1/4 inch goose neck that cost 20 dollars but it is $26 with shipping. The carto can cost 3 bucks each, but I think 8 dollars for a 5-pack is a better deal.
   I will not count shipping on the SmokeTech e-pipe, battery, and drip tip because I highly recommend GoodEjuice to get amazing tobacco e-juice and if you get a bottle of the juice with the other stuff from GoodEjuice you will get free shipping. I highly recommend Vita Bella for a NET (naturally extracted tobacco) and GoodeJuice Apple Ehookah Shisha for a non-NET tobaccos.
   For a drip tip (the farthest left item in the pics if you are not sure what that is), you can get a similar stainless steel drip tip at GoodeJuice for 7 dollars. So it is 71 dollars with the 5-pack of cartos.
  But if you need batteries and a charger it is more. It costs 12 bucks for 2 batteries and 10 dollars for a 2-bay charger. So with batteries and a charger the whole price is 93 dollars. It is over double than the 41 buck china pipe. But you will get in in less than a week,  instead of in months if you order from China. I think the Macstrat e-pipe looks cool. I hope to add a e-pipe to the list of the ecigs I use.
Edited with help from ch2468

Macstrat keeps it all in this cool too go bag