Cool cheap ecig Epipe with Protank v2 and an extra large drip tip

I am impressed with Five Pawns juice as a whole especially castle long reserve. I think you can get better ejuice for cheaper. The epipe can can bet gotten here for less then 22 dollars. The tank is a protank v2. I usually do not recommend "protanks". They leak eventually and decreases flavor greatly but it can be gotten here for under 6 dollars.
The drip tip can be purchased here for 3 dollars.
I think for under 32 with out batteries and a charger is great. You can get 4 batteries and a charger for under 9 dollars, so for under 41 shipped you can rock that amazing looking mod with a charger and 4 batteries. I remember a year ago when epipes not this cool were over 200 bucks with batteries and a charger.  The mod is not mine. It is Archaviator. I just think it looks really cool.
Disclaimer. The Protank v2 I linked to is the clone so it will look similar but not exactly the same.