Mystic Mandalime ejuice from Alice in Vapeland

Guest Post From CocoaButter from ecf chat.  "Recently I have had the pleasure of trying Mystic Mandalime from Alice in Vapeland. The bottle was a small 3ml sample someone had sent me . Along with this, i got to try out my new dripper. So my testing rig from now on is a Vamo with a Igo-W. In This review we are using a single coil near the air hole at 2.5Ohms. This is a full bodied, vapetastic juice. First lets talk fo the taste, that's always my first question. The taste is definitely orange but i taste no lime. This juice has had time to steep, possibly it steeped too long, but i don't think so. The orange is very strong in this one, but not as strong as a pure orange vape. Before this vape it had been hard for me to find a vape with a decent throat hit on the Igo-w, This one however i was very presently surprised. With a little throat hit behind it and flavorful taste. I very quickly found myself turning it up to 5.8V. The vapor production is exquisite. There is a bit of a harsh feeling that comes from this particular throat hit, but i personally love that. All in all.. I would say this is a very good vape, and has made my favorites list. 

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