Nemesis Ecig Mod clone pictures and first look

Update: No clue what the current maker of this clone is or the quality. Just know it changed it is now under $25 dollars you can get the all copper one for $25 dollars too.
Update:I traded my sentinel clone for a Hcigar Nemesis clone. I tested it from .2 ohm to 3ohm and they both preform and look exactly the same. I also did the magnet button upgrade on it which I highly recommend. Check out the dedication one has he even got a nemmy tattoo.

I got my Nemesis clone from Fast Tech for under 30 dollars. For the last couple of days I have been using it to vape my WTA juices. I have been using it with the trident clone RBA on top of it. It easily powers the sub ohm tricoil I have on the RBA. It hits a tad harder than the Sentinel Clone with the same atty and same battery. I really like the locking mechanism.  I took off two extra parts of the tube. They are pictured bellow. The button hits is great but I am looking for  ordered the magnetic button upgrade. I will update this post when it comes.  It is 1 to 1 copy to the original.  A buddy of mine also saw a brick and mortar store was selling them for 120.  You can get this mod for under 25 dollars in stainless steel here or 20 dollars in brass.  

You can get this mod for under 25 dollars in stainless steel here, you can get the all copper one for $25 dollars too, or 20 dollars in brass.