The RBA build station at Vape Industry Ecig Store in the Inland Empire

I posted about the new RBA stand when I visited Vape Industry. They saw the post and got rid of the old decorations the next day. I am going vape shop hopping today and wanted to catch up on vapestore pics. You can see the vapestores I have been to here. 
Here is the same text I wrote before with new pics : "My first review of the shop  can be found  here. Since I first reviewed them they have made many changes. The shop has a wider selection of mods, tons of new juice lines, and a new building station.  The building station takes up a once empty wall. The build station offers more open area for customer help, in building their RBA's. Also the addition of a really nice new drill press makes it nice customers can get the desired air flow to their atty's. Safety first though so accidents don't happen!   I am impressed with how much they improved the store recently. "