Flavorz by Joe ejuice Chocolate Mint vape

The chocolate taste is fake and not the best. Check out the other chocolate ejuices I have reviewed here.  Chocolate Mint is also very subtle flavor. It is no way in your face.  You can get it here.  But I highly recommend getting one of my current favorite ejuices instead. 

Other Flavorz by Joe Flavors I have reviewed.
Snap Crackle
Wacky Tobacky
She said Yes

I did this review last month at Vape Industry. I took detailed notes and they let me try each ejuice for a considerable amount of time. I vaped the juice in a carto tank, and sonic cleaned atty. I used an evic and a vamo for the lower wattages. For the highest wattages I used a glv 2xl. I believe this reviews is accurate but for reviews where I vaped the ejuice longer click here.