Flavorz by Joe ejuice Wacky Tobacky black cherry tobacco

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Wacky Tobacky is  a decent black cherry tobacco flavor. It is not a tobacco ejuice that did not work for me or is it one of my current favorite ejuice. The black cherry flavor combines well with the tobacco flavor especially at ultra high wattages. The black cherry flavor is not candied and has the right sweetness and tartness. However, the ejuice is too dry for me. You can get this ejuice here. 
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I did this review last month at Vape Industry. I took detailed notes and they let me try each ejuice for a considerable amount of time. I vaped the juice in a carto tank, and sonic cleaned atty. I used an evic and a vamo for the lower wattages. For the highest wattages I used a glv 2xl. I believe this reviews is accurate but for reviews where I vaped the ejuice longer click here.