GD Golden Drops Tangerine Popsies in a pinoy ejuice in a hybrid bottle

Tangerine Popies  50 pg 50 vg
I really enjoy Golden Vapor ( GD ) the Pinoy company that uses american ingredients and makes juice in hybrid bottles. I personally like their GD4 the most. I also like their DBG alot. I have their whole line, which I will be reviewing soon. Anyways here is a great Cocoa Butter review  on this interesting flavor GD flavor.

"First of all, lets cover this bottle. What a unique bottle.. I have never before seen a bottle that was mostly glass with a plastic, attached dropper. In order to get the juice from the bottle one turns it upside down, then squeezes the plastic soft tip. it simply will not leak. On the soft plastic tip, it has a hard plastic cap which further protects it. The bottle is lightly colored. One can presume this is to avoid excessive light getting trough and effecting the flavors or nicotine content. I had worried that the glass on the bottle would easily break, but yesterday I dropped it with classic butter fingers and it bounced across my floor till it rolled away, trying to escape my abuse. I love this bottle so much that when I regrettably run out of this juice.. I will be filling it with my own DIY, haha.

Now lets talk about this wonderful liquid inside.. I have never liked tangerines... I also have never liked the "cool" feeling that menthol gives your throat, or other things like it, such as cough drops. However when they named this flavor a Golden Drop they could not have picked a better name.. When this flavor landed on my desk I stared at it with a distasteful scowl.. I rebuilt a coil in my Igo-W, I sighed.. I dropped some of this on  my wick and took a vape.. After staring in amazement I started to chain vape like there was no tomorrow. My throat felt a rush of cold air as I breathed in this wonderful vapor. My nasal passages opened, my sinus's seemed clearer.  This flavor has climbed my favorite list and is now my number two favorite vape. Now I'm curious what the other flavors Golden Drops has to offer!

Ecf's only: 
Cocoabutter. "