Magnetic button on the Nemesis Magnet Upgrade done for cheap works on clones and originals

I did the magnetic upgrade on my nemesis. The magnetic button of the nemmy is amazing. If you have a nemmy clone I highly recommend a magnetic upgrade. It gets rid of springs that are clunky and change resistance over time. With an magnetic up grade you get a switch as smooth as butter. You can get a 10 pack of magnets here for under $2.50. You can get 2 magnets for under a dollar here.
I recommend the 10 pack because I used 3 magnets on my nemesis magnetic upgrade but if you are going to use just light rbas than 2 magnets for under a dollar here will work but I still recommend getting the 10 pack of magnets just in case. The magnets are very fragile and I broke one make my Nemesis have an magnetic button.

To install the magnets it is really easy just make sure you don't lose the ultra small pin. I was worried and delayed for no reason at all. Just follow these steps.
1.Take the button part off the bottom.
2.Remove the silver plated contact.
3.Remove the springs.
4.Make sure not to lose the little silver sliver in the button of the switch.
5. Put 3 magnets facing opposite directions.
6. Screw the silver plated contact in.
7. Twist extra tight with a needle nose pliers.
8.Then screw back on the button part.
It is able to hold up my nemesis with a full tank in the 91 now. 

I highly recommend a nemmy clone if you don't have one. It is even better with the magnetic upgrade.