Poción premium ejuice from Mexico Ecig juice is cool glass bottles

Update: Got the sampler pack and was really disappointed. I will do a video of it soon. I do not recommend it. The company does not do business right. I would not trust Poción Ejuice products.

You can see the menu here. 
You can see the sample pack box here. You can order one by (removed from the site. I don't know if it is safe.)
Mr Templar from the G+ group. Created a new line of premium ejuice from Mexico.  All the ingredients are US sourced for quality with a Latin spin on the flavors and bottles. I am looking forward to trying them. The packaging looks really different and cool to me. The bottles are hand made. Here is what he emailed me describing the new ejuice line:

" Poción means potion, it's a 70-30 all Premium ingredients, kosher grade pg & vg and 99.9 u.s.a nicotine and u.s.a flavors as well.

Every flavor of poción has a day for a name, this is based in what me (the creator) like to vape on any given day, so this is the menu:

MONDAY: Toasted coffee grains, if you are looking for a cup of coffee taste this is not the one.  This one is made with Real coffee extract and a mix of other flavors to get as a toasted coffee grain taste.

TUESDAY: it's a mix of four flavors, pretty much as ry4

WEDNESDAY: A complex mix of tropical fruits with a note of honey. (one flavor is high when you inhale and more flavors come big when you exhale)

THURSDAY: It's any primate dream with a note of cream

FRIDAY: Strong tobacco, wooden and leather mixes with a hint of a secret flavor.

They come only in 30ml glass bottles with dropper. 
Mg levels goes from 16Mg  12Mg  6Mg and 0Mg.

The company image emulates the 1920's 1930's pharmaceutical looks in México.

Bottles come in an old fashion paper bag with the company logo and expedition date. "