Vamo V5 the best vw ecig vaporizer you can get for under a 135.5 and it is under 33 dollars

Update: I am now recommending the Sigelei 100w. Click here to see the first look.

I have a vamo v5 too. You can see the other ecigs I have here. You can get the Vamo V5 here for under $33  Ecf's CocoaButter sent me this great review
"After having used the Vamo V2 for a good long while i decided to get my self a v5. There really is a world of difference, so I will break this up into sections top to bottom.
Top: One problem I have with every single mod I touch, and every atty I put on a mod, is flushing. I like my stuff to be tight and flush, if it is not tight and flush against whatever it is connected too, that is room for breaking. So the top cap on the Vamo allows me to make things nice and flush. I put my thread protector (actually called an airflow controller from Vermillion River Vapes) onto my Vamo, then my Igo-W on that. Flush, sturdy, no wobble or wiggle, and about 150% safer if dropped. Of course, you don't need the airflow controller, i just like it because the ring on top helps me get that "Extra" flushing. However, on the Vamo I feel that there needs to be holes in the little divots on the top cap for airflow. Maybe its just me though.
Middle:  The look is exactly the same, all save for one thing.. That lovely OLED screen. I love that new screen. Its Fancy. Seems to be a little easier to see in the light as well. The menu provides more options, When you push the fire button the screen can tell you your voltage, wattage, ohms, or battery voltage. This feature can also be turned off. I was told that the Vamo v5 was RMS only, but that is not true, it has a  MEAN mode, which averages. However, the actual workings, the hit of it, is essentially the same.
The Rest: The Vamo v5 seems slightly lighter than my Vamo v2. Both are stainless steel. i think it may be because the top cap on the Vamo v2 is significantly thicker. The entire mod is VERY slightly taller than the Vamo v2, and the tube is interchangeable. All in all, i do prefer the Vamo v5 over the Vamo v2, it seems sturdier, and better thought out. 
Ecigjuicereview's CocoaButter"
I agree. I am shocked how much sturdier the V5 is than my v3. You can get it here for under $33  I am getting the Duke which is 135.5 I think it is better. Stay tuned to see if it is worth almost five times more the price.