Vape ejuice organizer/ stand / display for ejuice part 2 Great way to sort and display what one vapes

Update: They removed the ejuice display racks from amazon. I am going to try out another alternative and post on it. 
I was loaned a big box of juice this summer and I have been vaping many different flavors. Hopefully soon, I will post the reviews. I have been filming some reviews, but I think I am going to reshoot them. I have an ultrasonic cleaner and tons of disposable atties. I am trying to incorporate many ecigs I have in order to do some interesting reviews at different wattages.

This is what the ejuice in the box looks like now.

Way better right? I got another big ejuice display that I used to organize some of my ejuice here. It is so great I got another.
You can get the big display here. You can get the Multi level ejuice display you can here. You can get the small ejuice display you can get here.  You can also get all the ejuice displays at my amazon store. Although there are some extra ejuice bottles in zip locked bags, this is from running out of shelf space. I think it is a great way to organize and store you ejuice in a nice easy to access display. I am a big fan of these acrylic shelves.

I am going to hold a contest next year some time for the smaller ejuice stand filled with ejuice I have reviewed... So stay posted to my blog, my twitter, and the G+ group for more information soon.

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