Vape High End Tea ejuice from The US Vapor Company

US Vapor Company only sells to local shops. Only a few of the ecig shops I have been to carry it. I would ask your local vape shop if they carry it and what flavors. Here is a crazy Google map of all the ejuice shops in my area. I am sure there are other for your area but I don't have them handy. The juice comes in glass 15 ml bottles with a dropper. It is really affordable at most places.

Absolute Tea 24 mg   65 PG 35VG 
It tastes like high-end tea tastes. It is way different than Lipton bagged tea. It is great to be able to have the flavor on high-end tea steeped to perfection that you can vape. It has an intense in your face tea flavor. It is slightly sweetened but not too candied even at low wattages. People around me enjoy the smell and even commented on how great it smells. It is a moist ejuice that is refreshing even at really high wattages. If you are a fan of teas I recommend it.
Black Tea 24 mg 65 PG 35VG  
US Vapor Company did an amazing job with this one too. It is almost the same as the Absolute Tea but it has a bit more spice. Also, the Black Tea is ejuice is slightly sweeter than the Absolute Tea. It still has that high-end steeped to perfection in your face flavor. Even though it is sweeter in is not too candied even at low wattages. It is a moist ejuice that is refreshing even at really high wattages. I have not got a chance to vape it around others but it gives off a similar smells like the Absolute Tea. It is amazing and I highly recommend trying it.
Green Tea + 24 mg 65 PG 35VG 
Has a more earthy flavor than Absolute Tea and Black Tea. It taste like midrange green tea steeped nice.  It is a moist ejuice that is refreshing even at really high wattages. I am not sure what the + stands for. The flavor is in your face and it is not a sweet as the other teas the US Vapor Company sells. Other people and I like the smell. I meet with the US Vapor Company rep and tried most of the over a hounded ejuices they sell. More reviews are coming shortly. I really liked Green Tea +.  But after vaping their other teas I think it is great but not amazing like the other two. I recommend trying it, but I firmly believe Black Tea and Absolute tea is better and I highly recommend those two.