Vaping question For the Soldado RBA for ecigs where can you get phillips screws for 5 posts

Update: 18 gauge wire on my Soldado 
Where can you get philips head screws for the Soldado RBA. (It came with phips heads) Hex screws for me are a deal breaker. I still got it because you can do 4 vertical coils. Just hopefully I can find a place to get them. Why do people making ecig RBA use hex screws? I understand for clones to keep the price down but it doesn't make sense on high end atties.  It is described as a RDA with these stats:

Made by Critical Minds in Philippines. Maker of Fatboy and Chubby boy drip tips- 304 SUS- 22mm outer diameter- 5-terminal (4 negative, 1 positive)- 2x juice wells- O-ringless air flow control ring- Custom Teardrop air hole- Peek top insulator- Delrin white bottom insulator- Precise machining- 510 threaded
The Soldado is a horizontal coil rba that isn't out yet. A really good vertical coil RBA that is out is the Trident. I highly recommend it and it can be gotten here.  I also recommend the omega clone.

It is a great mod but the posts don't have eyelet post holes to thread wires through so you have to wrap the around the screws. I perfect mods with eyelets in them.