Dead Man's Party ejuice by Standard for ecigs Lemonade and Fruit ejuice

You can get this ejuice here. 
I did a fast review of this juice at Fix Vapor Lab in Santa Monica. They actually let you drip the juice yourself unlike other brick and mortar ecig stores I have been to.  I used the omega clone for this review.  I have tried this juice dozens of times but I do not own this ejuice so it is not as comprehensive review as many of the reviews I posted in the juices I have reviewed. 

   I tried out the juice with vape donuts which I give a first look here. The lemonade and the blueberry stand out and taste better with the vape donuts. This juice works way better with vape donuts. Their printed coil on ceramic adds to the taste. If you like this juice I recommend trying vape donuts with it.
   As you can see from the graph above this ejuice is amazing. I highly recommend trying this juice. I am adding this juice to my current favorite list. It is refreshing not too sweet at high wattage and not to dry. I recommend it to everyone that enjoys vaping. I think Standard hit the nail on the head with an amazing lemonade and fruit fusion. If you want to get an amazing lemonade for a bit less money try out Niquid's Peach Lemonade. It has a great lemonade taste too but the fruit bouquet is not as complex.
You can get this ejuice here.