Ecigarette Cup Vapes ecig holders for Cars desks and more

Vaping when driving is difficult because there is no place to put your ecig steady. I found the CUP VAPES ecig holder. This thing fits in the cup holder in your car and can hold 4 mods. It is also really useful for you desk too making it harder to knock over your ecigarettes. I have the Orion 2.1, the joye evic, Nemesis, and the Origin in there. It also has space for other stuff in the center. I highly recommend getting on. The plastic is dishwasher safe and it is easy to clean. I am a big fan of stands. I am clumsy and knock stuff over.  Check out my stands for my ejuice.  You can get it here.

You can get the CUP VAPES ecig holder here