FastTech Omega Clone Ecig RBA

You can get it here for under $7. The taste is great. It is easy to build I think it is a step up from the X1 and it is easier to drill the holes out of than a Trident clone at half of it price. It is a great RBA. The flavor from it is amazing. The connector is not adjustable like the Trident clone but it is easy to drill out air holes. Just be careful. Once you do the vapor is amazing. I drilled out 3 air holes to match the cap. I am using this atty for quick reviews like this one. The posts are chromed brass and I don't know the health effects of long term use. So I am just using this dripper to test juice and for fast reviews. For long time vaping I recommend the aqua clone. It gives around the same performance and the tank hold way more juice.
It has Philips head screws and 3 posts. It is easy to build on. 

It has a serial number mine is 0446