FT has the Aqua UVO Systems by Footoon clone Fast Tech strikes again

Update: My first impressions of the FT clone. 
I got my aqua tank from C2C for 35 early last week. For 35 bucks it is amazing. But guess what Fast Tech has it now for $20 with free shipping. I really hope that UVO Systems and Footoon respond by making an trident V2 better quality lower price point. Like what grand vapor did with the trident. FT shipping can be slow. I got my $35 C2C one in less than a week. I have not got the FT one yet but it came in the same box that is pictured in the site.  The more expensive one is not silver plated the $20 one is. I decided to take a risk and order the new one. You can order the more expensive one if you want. I am pretty sure it is the same one I have been using for the last couple of days and it is great. I am vaping on it now. It preforms amazingly well but it does not come with the hybrid pin. I will post a first look after I have more time with it. I made 3 FT orders in December.  The first one hasn't shipped when the 2 later ones are in San Francisco. Ordering stuff from FT is like playing black jack some time you get the stuff in a week and some times months. I think for 20 dollars it is worth it. (Update: They shipped the package yesterday.) But get the $35 one C2C if you need something next week. What I posted a month ago when I first saw this amazing device.

  As always support the innovators if you can. I am recovering from brain cancer and a botched brain surgery. I have more off days than I have on days. I have been preparing for video reviews for months but it is not to the quality yet. (I finally uploaded one out of the many I shoot. It can be viewed here.) I am sure other people are in similar circumstances so I wanted to share this deal. I do get a portion of the sale by being an affiliate to the sites I listed above and on my sidebar but it is small, I use it to get more ejuice and mods, my readers do not pay any more by clicking affiliate links, and I stand by what I link to.  But even if I don't get an affiliate free from the the original, if you can get it or join their FB group and say you want to preorder V2 :P