Gi2 70 VW ecig mod by Grand Innovations

I first posted about the Grand Innovations Gi2 hereAfter reading this comment I considered it vapor ware."im convinced that this product will never be available. I see the preorder list open AGAIN. Ive been asked to send my info 4 times so far, because they say they keep losing my preorder info. If that does not tell you how unorganized this company is....And with that, im out of this group. Dont like people who do business like they do..."
How ever after seeing this video. I changed my mind about it being vapor ware. I have the Duke and I wish it was slightly more powerful and it had a screen. But I am really really happy with the Duke. The arch duke is coming soon. So it might do more than 70w.  I think I am going to give the Gi2 a chance.