Irie Nights ejuice by Standard Jamaican Rum with brown sugar

I wrote my impression of this juice at ultra sub ohm here. 
You can get this ejuice here

I did a fast review of this juice at Fix Vapor Lab in Santa Monica. They actually let you drip the juice yourself unlike other brick and mortar ecig stores I have been to.  I used the omega clone for this review.  I have tried this juice dozens of times but I do not own this ejuice so it is not as comprehensive review as many of the reviews I posted in the juices I have reviewed. 

I tried out the juice with vape donuts which I give a first look here. I think the vape donuts are not the best with this flavor. Vape Donuts brings out the acky taste which is not my favorite aspect of this ejuice.

I think this juice is okay. It is way better than Vapor Bombs version of Jamaican Rum. If you don't mind alcky tasting ejuice and want a good rum then try it. It is an interesting flavor that is surprisingly complex and clean but the taste of alcky is a bit too much for me. Unlike Standard's Dead Mans Party this ejuice is not on of my current favorites.
You can get this ejuice here