Kick Bass Vapor KBV Ejuice Video Ecig Review

Click here to see the other massive ejuice video review I have done. 
I have reviewed Rice Crispy Treat a while back from KickBass Vapor.
I used a omega clone rba with a wooden drip tip on the Duke with a 510 to 510 extender.
I know this video is long. I hope you enjoy the format. I am trying to figure a fast effective way to review all the juice that was loaned to me before I give it back next week.  Leave any creative suggestion as a comment. I am less than a small fraction done with all the juices I need to review this weekend. To figure out what wattage your current set up is use this ohms law tool. Batteries fully charged are 4.2v and you should charge at 3.5v. To see my other review of ejuice click here. I mention vita bella and describe nets more here. You can see the coffee ejuice I have reviewed here.
Juices I reviewed in this video are Hummingbird Nectar (here in video), RY4 (here in video), Phillip "more or less"(here in video), Rice Krispity Treat(here in video), Nutty Uncle KY Tobacco(here in video), be oh Be's OMG!(here in video), Auntie M's Coffee(here in video), Momma's Angel Wings Rice Pudding(here in video), Gooey Better Cake(here in video), Peppermint Ice Cream(here in video)Special K Tobacco(here in video), and KickBass Candy Bar(here in video)