Kiss My Vapes Creamy Straw

Creamy  Straw by Kiss My Vapes

Ermagerd. Its too good.. I've been vaping this at 1.5ohms/6V and a ceramic wicked coil in my Igo-W and I've killed a bottle of it in 4 days. I'm not usually a chain vaper, but i chain vaped the heck out of this, and I'm about to cry in a corner like a 12 year old girl because its gone. Why is the good juice always gone!?  Kiss My Vapes has really outdone themselves with this one ladies and gents. I Love this vape. I am usually not a strawberry fan either, but I'm in love. This tasted like one of those hard strawberry candies with the liquid center that we all seen as kids. Only.. better. When i first smelled this one, i really did not think i would like it.. but i went to drip another flavor, and grabbed this one by accident.. Now I only want more, hahaha.

I recently spoke to Dominic, proprietor of Kiss My Vapes.
Really nice guy, chatted with him for about 20-30 min, said he has some new flavors coming out too. Thus far, I am not disappointed by the flavors I have.  If you all get the chance, check this one out, and tell him CocoaButter sent you! You might get a deal, haha.

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