Mount Baker Vapor ejuice video review of several of their different flavors

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I reviewed RY4, Jamaican Rum, Root Beer Float, Texas Sweet Tea, Bananas Gone Nuts, Pumpkin Spice, and their Cafe Coffee.
The tobacco ejuices I have reviewed before.
The coffee ejuice I have reviewed before.
Here is the movie: (video is down. Will try again later with it sorry)

I used a omega clone rba with a wooden drip tip on the Duke.

I really did not like their flavors but Ascendant is a fan and vapes MBV ejuice alot. He said this about his favorite three.

"Moo Juice: "Moo Juice is a creamy blend of strawberry on the inhale and a buttery baked good flavor on the exhale. This robust combination tastes great with 0 shots, but of course only gets better with increased flavor."
Green Apple: "Mt. Baker's Green Apple is reminiscent of candied green apple flavor that tastes slightly sour on low heat, but on high heat, gives a nice, flavorful vape."
Butterscotch: "Butterscotch is best steeped after a day or two, but after which is a smooth and rich flavor that leaves a creamy flavor on your taste buds." "
I have tried Green Apple and Butterscotch from Ascendant's PVs. I did not like their Butterscotch at all :( I think their are tons of apples ejuices that are better then their green apple. Anyways if you want to get Mount Baker Vapor click here