Poción ecig premium ejuice Amazing Packaging of Sampler Packs

Update: Got the sampler pack and was really disappointed. I will do a video of it soon. I do not recommend it. The company does not do business right. I would not trust Poción Ejuice products.

Poción ejuice has amazing packaging of ejuice sample packs. I think Simon Templar goes a step beyond in his bottles, menu, and packaging. I hope the ejuice is great. There is more that goes into premium ejuice than just nice bottles. They use higher quality ingredients and usually have more complex flavors and often have a price to match. I took down the Mt Baker ad I had on my side bar after I tried their juice. I am going to replace it with this add for Vapor DNA.

I have tried many of the juices they sell and some make up my current favorites. I need to update the links to them but I think it is a good source. I am still an affiliate of Mt Baker Vapor. So if you want to support the site and like their ejuice click here before finishing your next order.  I however am not a fan, so I don't want to make it appear I am one. Goodejuice does not just come in a fancy bottle. They make one of my favorite tobaccos  comes in a really plain bottle. I just think often times packaging reflects the care and complexity of flavors but it does not mean it will be amazing. I hope Simon Templar ejuice is as amazing as his bottlesmenu, and packaging. I hope I get the package before I go to Vegas. Well back to doing massive video reviews before I have to return my buddies juice. Have a great weekend and Vape On.