The Vaping Rabbit great ejuice in wax sealed bottles

All of their ejuice is 100VG in 3mg or 0mg. I got it in 3mg. I tried the flavors at Vapor Delight on my Duke
I bought The White Rabbit it was amazing dripping on my Duke at the store but when I opened the bottle I did not get the amazing taste. Maybe the juice needs to steep more. The site describes it as this "Blueberry shortbread cookies with creamy lemon glaze."
I got those flavors the two times I dripped it at the store. I am going to revisit this juice in a couple of weeks and give a full review. 
Here are the other favors I tried and what the Vaping Rabbit site describe it tasting like it "" and my brief impressions in bold

The Alice
"Classic tres leches cake with creamy fruit glaze." The flavors don't really stand out. It taste burnt at high wattages.

The Walrus
"Italian espresso with a hint of clove." Amazing. Really good clove and coffee. Tastes like Virgin Vapors Expresso  and hint of black clove from Aroma Ejuice. Great combo. I need to get some more of it. I just wish it came in high MG because I like vaping high MG in the morning.  

The Red Queen
"Grasshopper truffles with a kiss of rose meringue." The chocolate really does not do it for me. It tastes really artificial. I wish it tasted like Halo's Belgian coco

The Hatter
"Slice of Flan napolitano." Tasted to much like cream not enough complexity. Need to email and ask diacetyl.  

The March Hare
"Velvety mocha mousse with fresh orange zest." Not the best coffee their The Walrus tastes way better to me. 

The Cheshire Cat
"Orange pineapple upsidedown cake with brown sugar glaze." Too much like pineapple for me might be good for some. 

These are my first impressions of the juices. I hope The White Rabbit tastes like it did in the store after it steeped. Really cool bottles and 2 of the flavors might be future current favorites.