Vape Donuts Ecig coil of the future from Fatdaddyvapes.com

The Vape Donuts on the soldado with lots
of 2.5 mm ecowool. 
I posted my first look on these interesting devices here.  I was lucky enough to beta test them. I used my Duke mostly and I can not use the donuts on it because the switch can not handle lower than .5 ohm. Fatdaddyvapes.com is coming out with higher ohm ones but the ones I received are around .4 ohms. I have been using them on my nemmy clone with a omega clone, soldado and a brass monkee rba. I tried them with cotton, ekowool, and ceramic. With both sides covered in cotton they behaved like an average coil I have made. However, with one side exposed to cotton they changed color because not enough wicking of ejuice but they behaved amazingly like the top 10 percent of coils I have made. I have been wrapping coils for about a year,  so it is the top 1 percent of coils for someone starting out.

Cotton does not wick fast enough with 2 donuts unless both sides are covered. Ekowool had the same problem with the wicking speed but with an expert coil builder I got it to work. With ceramic it is a different story. Ceramic wick pre-kilned costs alot. So at first I was stingy with the ceramic. However, with just a bit, I was getting discoloration again. With alot of ceramic duel donuts work great. The certain aspects of certain juices tastes improve. I did 3 reviews of different juices with them. I posted the first one here and the 2nd one here. I ended up going back to a micro coil for the reviews because it is easier to dry burn and change out the cotton at a shop than take off the donut and was them between juices. I will post the links to the reviews I did in a bit. Some flavors with the juice where magnified and I get the same vapor as the best coils I produce. Working with the vape donuts is still tricky but I think the learning curve is much faster and easier then making coils or micro coils. Putting one donut in an atty like the x1, trident, and omega clone is so easy to set up that anyone can do. However with one donut, the ohms are a bit to low for my Duke and a bit to high for me using on my nemmy. Fatdaddyvapes.com is going to be selling them at different ohms. So hopefully I can get some at a higher ohm and use it on my Duke. I am too afraid to use them on the aqua because I get dry burns alot on the aqua unintentionally. I recommend trying the vape donuts out when they are for sale. I will update my post after I get more time in using them.

I am not sure what the other wire is for