VapeOholic ejuice Custard Pie and Rootbeer Float

It seems like VapeOholics juice seems amazing and it come highly recommend. I contacted VapeOholics on FB and was informed that non of the flavors they use don't contain diacetyl or acetone. The review is written by Bobby from the G+ group 

"VapeOholic Juice

I purchased some VapeOholic juice from VapeOholic on FB after a friend recommended them as wonderful juices. Well i took his advice and jumped in feet first I ordered 2 30ML bottles ... The 2 flavors were Custard Pie and Rootbeer Float. I got them in a sub ohm version. Mr VapeOholic custom tailors his juice to each individuals application so when you message him on FB it helps if you provide him with a brief description of your setup and whether or not you run sub ohm setups or not... Also when you message him you can ask him for the Flavor and Price list... He has everything from 10ML up to 960ML juice sizes so your budget is the limit in this factor...

1st up Custard Pie
     This is a sweet and smooth flavor of Custard with a splash of Vanilla.. It tastes just like a sweet custard that you could get from an old time dessert shop. This is definitely one of my Favorites and it was in my daily rotation until I used it all up lol.. It tastes and smells exactly like custard. The vapor and taste is AMAZING

2nd is Rootbeer Float
    This is a Sweet and Bubbly mixture of Vape Juice and it is exactly like an Old Time Rootbeer float the only difference is this one doesnt give you brainfreeze like drinking a real rootbeer float would if you ingested it too quickly. This is another flavor that gets used daily and I would recommend it as well...

I have barely begin to tap into his supply of Juice flavors so my review is limited to the 2 that I have hands on experience with but I will definitely be trying all of his other flavors as well because his juices are FANTASTIC and his customer service is outstanding
^^ The is their page to order from"