Vapers Dreams Nemesis Clone an amazing mechanical Ecig for cheap by Cocoabutter

The picture is the polished version. The one that Fast Tech sells for under 30 dollars has a mat polish .
I gave my impression of the Nemesis here. I described how to do the magnetic button upgrade here.   
Here is Cocoabutter review:

"At first I could not figure out why they would name it such a thing.. But after playing with it I now see why it is so insanely popular and why it got such a name. This mech mod Is so adjustable, and so simple, that it leaves many others in the dust. Every piece comes apart on this thing for easy cleaning, and once you learn how to use it, you can adjust it perfectly to flush an atty right too it. A fact i love.. We all know im a stickler for a flushed atty. Like many others i got my Nemesis from Fasttech. I will tell you that this is a 1:1 clone, and works just as good as the real deal. Since I have gotten it, it has been exclusive for my Kayfun clone. I really want to get myself a magnetic switch though. 
All in all, my Nemesis now goes everywhere with me, and i highly recommend this mod to any experienced person.
Ecf's only:
Cocoabutter "